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  • requiescence — ˌrekwēˈesən(t)s noun ( s) Etymology: Latin requiescere + English ence : repose retire to silence and requiescence N.W.Wraxall …   Useful english dictionary

  • ease — [n1] peace, quiet; lack of difficulty affluence, ataraxia, bed of roses*, calm, calmness, comfort, content, contentment, easiness, enjoyment, gratification, happiness, idleness, inactivity, inertia, inertness, leisure, luxury, passivity, peace of …   New thesaurus

  • leisure — [n] free time and its activities chance, convenience, ease, freedom, holiday, idle hours, intermission, leave of absence, liberty, one’s own sweet time*, opportunity, pause, quiet, range, recess, recreation, relaxation, repose, requiescence,… …   New thesaurus

  • relaxation — [n] entertainment; resting or recovering alleviation, amusement, assuagement, diversion, enjoyment, fun, leisure, loosening, mitigation, pleasure, reclining, recreation, refreshment, relief, repose, requiescence, rest; concepts 210,292,363 Ant.… …   New thesaurus

  • repose — [n] restfulness; calm ease, inaction, inactivity, leisure, peace, quiet, quietness, quietude, refreshment, relaxation, relaxing, renewal, requiescence, respite, rest, restoration, sleep, slumber, stillness, tranquillity; concepts 410,681,720 Ant …   New thesaurus

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