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  • autobasidium — “+ noun (plural autobasidia) Etymology: New Latin, from aut + basidium : an undivided basidium typical of the higher basidiomycetes compare hemibasidium, promycelium …   Useful english dictionary

  • hemibasidium — “+ noun Etymology: New Latin, from hemi (I) + basidium : the transversely septate promycelium of a smut fungus compare autobasidium, protobasidium …   Useful english dictionary

  • holobasidium — “+ Etymology: New Latin, from hol + basidium synonym of autobasidium …   Useful english dictionary

  • homobasidium — “+ noun Etymology: New Latin, from hom + basidium : autobasidium …   Useful english dictionary

  • protobasidium — “+ noun (plural protobasidia) Etymology: New Latin, from prot + basidium : a basidium (as a promycelium) that is divided into four cells each of which gives rise to a single basidiospore and that is characteristic of the subclass… …   Useful english dictionary

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