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  • Quadrennium — Quad*ren ni*um, n. [NL. See {Quadrennial}.] A space or period of four years. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • quadrennium — meaning ‘a period of four years’, has the plural form quadrenniums. The Latin word from which it is derived is quadriennium, but the first i has been lost under the influence of other words of this type such as decennium and millennium …   Modern English usage

  • quadrennium — [kwä dren′ē əm] n. pl. quadrenniums or quadrennia [kwä dren′ēə] [L quadriennium < quadri (see QUADRI ) + annus, year (see ANNUAL)] a period of four years …   English World dictionary

  • quadrennium — noun (plural niums or quadrennia) Etymology: Latin quadriennium, from quadri + annus year more at annual Date: 1754 a period of four years …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • quadrennium — /kwo dren ee euhm/, n., pl. quadrenniums, quadrennia /kwo dren ee euh/. a period of four years. [1815 25; < NL, alter. of L quadriennium, equiv. to quadri QUADRI + enn , comb. form of annus year (cf. ANNUAL) + ium IUM] * * * …   Universalium

  • quadrennium — noun /kwɑˈdɹɛnːjəm/ a period of four years …   Wiktionary

  • quadrennium —  A period of four years. Nearly everyone will understand you better if you just say a period of four years …   Bryson’s dictionary for writers and editors

  • quadrennium — kwÉ‘ drenɪəm /kwÉ’ d n. period of four years …   English contemporary dictionary

  • quadrennium — [kwɒ drɛnɪəm] noun (plural quadrennia nɪə or quadrenniums) a period of four years. Origin C19: from L. quadriennium, from quadri four + annus year …   English new terms dictionary

  • quadrennium — quad•ren•ni•um [[t]kwɒˈdrɛn i əm[/t]] n. pl. quad•ren•ni•ums, quad•ren•ni•a [[t]kwɒˈdrɛn i ə[/t]] a period of four years • Etymology: 1815–25; < NL, alter. of L quadriennium=quadri quadri + enn , comb. form of annus year …   From formal English to slang

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