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  • pleosponge — ˈplēəˌspənj noun Etymology: New Latin Pleospongia, from pleio + spongia : any of various Lower and Middle Cambrian calcareous, cylindrical or cup shaped, double walled, porous fossils that may be the remains of sponges or primordial precursors of …   Useful english dictionary

  • Archaeocyatha — Taxobox name = Archaeocyatha fossil range = Early Late Cambrian domain = Eukaryota unranked regnum = Opisthokonta regnum = Animalia subregnum = Parazoa phylum = Porifera? (sponges) unranked classis = Archaeocyatha 1 – Gap ( intervallum ) *2 –… …   Wikipedia

  • Taxonomy of commonly fossilised invertebrates — Although the phylogenetic classification of sub vertebrate animals (both extinct and extant) remains a work in progress, the following taxonomy attempts to be useful by combining both traditional (old) and new (21st century) paleozoological… …   Wikipedia

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