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  • phylic — ˈfīlik adjective Etymology: phyl + ic 1. : of or relating to a Grecian phyle 2. : being or viewed as a member of a group man as a phylic organism …   Useful english dictionary

  • phylic — See phyle. * * * …   Universalium

  • phyle — phylic, adj. /fuy lee/, n., pl. phylae / lee/. (in ancient Greece) a tribe or clan, based on supposed kinship. [1860 65; < Gk phylé, akin to phylon PHYLON] * * * Any of several tribes that formed the largest political subgroups in all Dorian and… …   Universalium

  • Paman languages — Infobox Language family name=Paman region=Cape York, Queensland familycolor=Australian fam1=Pama Nyungan child1=Northern child2=Western child3=Northeastern child4=Lamalamic child5=Coastal child6=Central child7=Norman child8=Flinders… …   Wikipedia

  • phyl- — var. of phylo before a vowel: phylic. * * * …   Universalium

  • Organic hydroponics — uses organic fertilizer. Conventional hydroponics cannot use organic fertilizer because organic compounds contained in hydroponic solution inhibit the growth of the crop roots, so it uses only inorganic frertilizer. In organic hydroponics,… …   Wikipedia

  • phyl- — combining form or phylo Etymology: Latin phyl , from Greek phyl , phylo , from phylē tribe, clan, phyle & phylon tribe, race; both akin to Greek phyein to bring forth more at be 1. : tribe …   Useful english dictionary

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