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  • phylar — ˈfīlə(r) adjective Etymology: phyl + ar : of or relating to a phylum …   Useful english dictionary

  • phylum — phylar, adj. /fuy leuhm/, n., pl. phyla / leuh/. 1. Biol. the primary subdivision of a taxonomic kingdom, grouping together all classes of organisms that have the same body plan. 2. Ling. a category consisting of language stocks that, because of… …   Universalium

  • Alcimede — ALCIMĔDE, es, Gr. Ἀλκιμέδη, ης, (⇒ Tab. XXV.) war nach einigen des Phylar, Schol. Apollon. ad lib. I. v. 45. nach andern des Clymenus, Hygin. Fab. 14. und nach den dritten des Autolycus Tochter, Herodot. ap. Schol. Apollon. l. c. und Aesons… …   Gründliches mythologisches Lexikon

  • pra — an·ti·lo·ca·pra; com·pra·dor; co·pra; kha·pra; pra·bhu; pra·ka·ra·na; pra·krit; pra·krit·ic; pra·line; pra·na; pra·seo·didymium; pra·seo·dym·i·um; pra·sine; pra·tal; pra·tie; pra·ti·mok·sha; pra·tin·co·la; pra·tin·co·line; pra·tin·co·lous;… …   English syllables

  • su — acap·su·lar; al·lo·gnath·o·su·chus; an·su; at·su·ge·wi; au·su; au·su·bo; ba·bas·su; ba·su·ral; ba·su·to; be·su·go; bur·su·la; bus·su; cae·su·ra; cae·su·ral; cap·su·la; cap·su·lar; cap·su·late; cap·su·la·tion; cap·su·min; ca·su·al·ism;… …   English syllables

  • sub — sub·abdominal; sub·account; sub·acetate; sub·acid; sub·acidity; sub·acute; sub·adult; sub·aerial; sub·aesthetic; sub·age; sub·agency; sub·agent; sub·akhmimic; sub·alary; sub·alate; sub·alimentation; sub·alkaline; sub·allocate; sub·almoner;… …   English syllables

  • subphylar — sub·phylar …   English syllables

  • supraphylar — su·pra·phylar …   English syllables

  • phyl- — combining form or phylo Etymology: Latin phyl , from Greek phyl , phylo , from phylē tribe, clan, phyle & phylon tribe, race; both akin to Greek phyein to bring forth more at be 1. : tribe …   Useful english dictionary

  • supraphylar — “+ adjective Etymology: supra + phylar : being at a level above a phylum …   Useful english dictionary

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