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  • phanerogenic — Denoting a disease, the etiology of which is manifest. Cf.:cryptogenic. [phanero + G. genesis, origin] * * * phan·er·o·gen·ic .fan ə rō jen ik adj of known origin compare CRYPTOGENIC * * * phan·er·o·gen·ic (fan″ər o jenґik) [phanero +… …   Medical dictionary

  • phanerogenic — …   Useful english dictionary

  • cryptogenic — Of obscure, indeterminate etiology or origin, in contrast to phanerogenic. [crypto + G. genesis, origin] * * * cryp·to·gen·ic .krip tə jen ik adj of obscure or unknown origin <cryptogenic epilepsy> compare PHANEROGENIC * * * cryp·to·gen·ic… …   Medical dictionary

  • phanerogenetic — phan·ero·ge·net·ic (fan″ər o jə netґik) phanerogenic …   Medical dictionary

  • cryptogenic — |kriptə|jenik adjective Etymology: crypt + genic : of obscure or unknown origin used chiefly of diseases; opposed to phanerogenic …   Useful english dictionary

  • phanerogenetic — adjective see phanerogenic …   Useful english dictionary

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