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  • obsoletion — noun Obsolescence …   Wiktionary

  • obsoletion — ˌäbsəˈlēshən noun ( s) Etymology: obsolete (I) + ion : the act of becoming or condition of being obsolete …   Useful english dictionary

  • No Grounds for Pity — Compilation album by Sheer Terror Released 1996 Recorded 1985 – 1988 …   Wikipedia

  • Ostfriesen/Alt-Oldenburger — The Alt Oldenburger and Ostfriesen are representatives of a group of horse breeds primarily from continental Europe called heavy warmbloods. The breed has two names because the same horse was bred in two marshy regions in the most north western… …   Wikipedia

  • obsolete — adjective /ˈɒbsəliːt,ˈɑbsəliːt/ a) no longer in use; gone into disuse; disused or neglected (often by preference for something newer, which replaces the subject). b) Imperfectly developed; not very distinct. Syn: ancient, antiquated, antique,… …   Wiktionary

  • Thor (satellite) — Marcopolo redirects here. For the explorer, see Marco Polo. For any other, please see Marco Polo (disambiguation) Thor (previously known as Marcopolo) is a family of satellites designed, launched and tested by Hughes Space and Communications (now …   Wikipedia

  • Ostfriesen and Alt-Oldenburger — 1898 lithograph depicting an Ostfriesen Distinguishing features Heavy warmblood type of all purpose breed, suitable for leisure riding and driving. Typically black, dark bay, or brown, with easy going temperaments. Country of origin Germany …   Wikipedia

  • abstention — Synonyms and related words: Encratism, Friday, Lenten fare, Pythagoreanism, Pythagorism, Rechabitism, Shakerism, Spartan fare, Stoicism, abstainment, abstemiousness, abstinence, anythingarianism, asceticism, avoidance, banyan day, celibacy,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • abstinence — Synonyms and related words: Albigensianism, Catharism, Encratism, Franciscanism, Friday, Lenten fare, Platonic love, Pythagoreanism, Pythagorism, Rechabitism, Sabbatarianism, Shakerism, Spartan fare, Stoicism, Trappism, Waldensianism, Yoga,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • desuetude — Synonyms and related words: abandonment, absentation, abstention, abstinence, casting away, cease, cessation, close, closing, closure, conclusion, discontinuance, discontinuation, disuse, end, ending, evacuation, forsaking, jettison, jettisoning …   Moby Thesaurus

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