English syllables. 2014.

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  • oasal — …   Useful english dictionary

  • oasis — oasitic /oh euh sit ik/, oasal, oasean /oh ay see euhn/, adj. /oh ay sis/, n., pl. oases / seez/. 1. a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well. 2. something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change… …   Universalium

  • desert — I n 1. barrens, Sahara, dust bowl; wasteland, waste, wilderness, wild, no man s land; moor, heath, tundra, veldt, steppe, savanna, plain. adj 2. desolate, barren, bare, devoid, empty, destitute, poor, deficient; uncultivable, uncultivatable,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • oasean — adjective see oasal …   Useful english dictionary

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