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  • Natrolite — Catégorie IX : silicates[1] Natrolite Nasik District, Maharashtra, Inde (11x9x7 cm) …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Natrolite — General Category Tectosilicate Chemical formula Na2Al …   Wikipedia

  • NATROLITE — Parmi les zéolites fibreuses, la natrolite (du grec natron , soude, et lithos , pierre) est la plus fréquente. C’est un tectosilicate, dans lequel une partie de la silice est remplacée par de l’alumine. La formule chimique théorique s’écrit… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Natrolite — Na tro*lite (?; 277), n. [Natron + lite: cf. F. natrolithe.] (Min.) A zeolite occuring in groups of glassy acicular crystals, and in masses which often have a radiated structure. It is a hydrous silicate of alumina and soda. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • natrolite — [na′trə līt΄, nā′trəlīt΄] n. [Ger natrolith < natron (< Fr: see NATRON) + lith, LITE] a hard, light colored, orthorhombic zeolite, Na2Al2Si3O10·2H2O, characterized by crystals that radiate out, often needlelike, from a central point;… …   English World dictionary

  • natrolite — /na treuh luyt , nay /, n. a white or colorless zeolite mineral, a hydrous silicate of sodium and aluminum, Na2Al2Si3O10·2H2O, often occurring in acicular crystals. [1795 1805; NATRO(N) + LITE] * * * ▪ mineral       hydrated sodium… …   Universalium

  • natrolite — natrolitas statusas T sritis chemija apibrėžtis Ceolitas, mineralas. formulė Na₂[Al₂Si₃O₁₀]·2H₂O atitikmenys: angl. natrolite rus. натролит …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • natrolite — noun Etymology: German Natrolith, from Natron (from French) + lith lite Date: circa 1805 a hydrous silicate of sodium and aluminum that is related to zeolite …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • natrolite — noun A fibrous zeolite mineral, being a sodium aluminosilicate, of the chemical formula NaAlSiO middot;2HO …   Wiktionary

  • natrolite — na·tro·lì·te s.f. TS mineral. minerale costituito da alluminosilicato di sodio idrato appartenente al gruppo delle zeoliti, che cristallizza nel sistema rombico {{line}} {{/line}} DATA: 1834. ETIMO: comp. di natro e 1 lite …   Dizionario italiano

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